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writers have to write

We watched this Sunday. It has been called the most accurate adaptation of Anne’s diary ever made. I agree. That also makes it joyful, funny, hopeful, gut-wrenching, frightening and sickening on many levels. Having visited the building that housed Anne’s secret annex, my thoughts have turned to one thing since watching this movie (see below, […]

google on main sky shot

google on main sky shot Originally uploaded by amywoodtv Our city is pretty cool, yes?


Dear Lady in High Heels, I saw you hurrying to your car. I immediately had two thoughts about you. First, what a cute skirt. Second, I could never move that quickly in those shoes. Then I saw you and your lunch jump into your SUV parked in a handicap spot. I thought something else about […]


Absolutely fascinating. See how they did it at Now, back to my own deadlines…

paved paradise

Welcome to South Carolina, home of eight months of northbound Interstate closure. This has been the source of much angst, as you can imagine. On our way home from seeing Baby B. Sunday, we made our last trip via I-385 northbound, which is now closed until construction is completed in August. (That’s the current timetable.) […]

geriatric vestibular syndrome, week 3

Warning: This is a long, rambling post filled with stuff you probably don’t care about unless you have a sick dog. If you came here by searching for information about geriatric vestibular syndrome, here is the picture of hope. (Apologies for the doggie bright eyes.) Background: Buddy is a Lab mix (emphasis on mix), about […]

he thought i was kidding

when I asked if it was OK if I declared my love for him on a billboard. (This is a mock up provided by Fairway Outdoor. I am going to try to get a photo.)

summer is over

But this bee and I refuse to let go. Photo taken at the butterfly garden at Roper Mountain Science Center last Saturday. It was about 25 degrees warmer then.

we’re still here

This was published in October, 2001. I wrote it on Sept. 13. I can’t say it any better eight years later. It’s utterly impossible for me to build my life on a foundation of chaos, suffering and death….I feel the suffering of millions. And yet, when I look up at the sky, I somehow feel […]


Hey, I have a blog. In my defense, our neighbor had a new cable installed last week and our line was cut in the process. We were creating petroglyphs on the family room wall and setting fire to the furniture by day three. In other news, I have decided to uncomplicate my life by surrendering […]