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what we will be eating this winter…

Yeah, baby – homemade grape jelly made from wild scuppernongs and organic sugar. It’s the kind of stash that almost makes winter worthwhile. Almost.

grow your own oyster mushrooms

Giveaway in the post below – scroll down for Yuletide pleasure… The boy’s study of fungi in biology happened to coincide with a dearth of decent mushrooms in my local store. I figured homeschooling was the perfect excuse to order a kit from Back to the Roots, something I’ve wanted to try for a while. […]

mutual of omaha’s wild kingdom: the home game

It has been an odd spring. I have yet to see a 13-year cicada, though we expected to be deafened by the hordes. The squirrels are the size of smalls dogs, the rabbits are extra prolific (even for rabbits) and we have frogs. Yes, people, frogs! For years, we have been thrilled to spot an […]

and there was light (and it smelled good)

We made beeswax candles this weekend. I am all set for a romantic evening and/or power outage. The wax is from a local beekeeper. We also filtered it ourselves (not this weekend). That was an exercise in patience, for sure. If you know an easy way to filter wax (and really, anything would be easier […]

and now it’s a food blog…

Those peppers I showed you ended up in the freezer. I washed all the bells, cored them and cut them in strips. I spread them on cookie sheets and tray froze (?) them, before bagging them for the deep freeze. They went from field to freezer in just a few hours. I am looking for […]

know thy farmer

I love that we live in an area where we can still buy direct from the farm. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but it is worth it. I recently trekked out to Barefoot Organic Farm and came home with 42 pounds of tomatoes (mostly Romas), four pounds of okra, eight pounds of […]

savoring (and saving) summer

My canner has been getting a workout lately – peach jam, blueberry jam, peach chutney, tomato sauce (20 pints!) and green tomato relish. Green tomato relish just tastes like summer. I don’t recommend canning on a hot plate, but I have a ceramic cooktop – no canners allowed. Contrary to what I have read online, […]

requiem for a machine

(Sorry for the gross photo. You would think I don’t own a wet cloth for all the crud on the front of my washing machine.) It deserves a requiem, for sure. This is my washing machine. It has been working almost non-stop since September 1990, when the nice people from Sears delivered it to the […]

a little thing I call “the payoff”

calling tasha tudor from the great beyond

I had an all out attack of the suburban homemaker crazies last week. I bought more tomatoes. Yeah, I know. And sweet potatoes. Apples and pumpkins are next. I need an intervention.