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magic beans

(Scroll down for giveaways.) We eat a ton of dried beans here, especially in the winter. I cook all kinds – black-eyed peas, limas, black, red, pinto, kidney. Beans, along with rice and cornbread or tortillas, make a meal that vegetarians and carnivores can appreciate. Here in the southern United States, beans are often cooked […]

how to freeze blueberries

After you’ve done something a few or 20 times, you forget that you didn’t always know how to do it. Make sense? Here’s how we freeze our blueberries every year. They keep beautifully and can actually save your sanity come January. Or so I hear. First, a note about picking: We get our berries from […]

just add basil

I have the nicest friends – the kind of friends who say, “My basil is out of control. Please take some!” Yes, please. If you don’t use fresh basil, I urge you to give it a try. It’s terrific on pizza, in pasta, on a sandwich or salad. I may or may not have picked […]

in heaven, i will eat this every day

and it will be fat free. This includes two kinds of tomatoes: a Brandywine and another juicy red of unknown etiology, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil (I love you, basil), extra virgin olive oil, some balsamic vinaigrette (but you could just use balsamic vinegar – I used what I had on hand), sea salt and pepper. […]

what to do with those summer veggies

Well, there are many things, but I have been living on chopped salad and tomato sandwiches lately. My sweet neighbors have green thumbs which have resulted in an abundance of beautiful tomatoes. That’s a good problem to have, I’d say. This is an easy side dish (or ahem, meal) that was the specialty of a […]

hot stuff (the cocoa)

If you are still buying hot cocoa mix in those little foil-lined packets, I am about to change your life. Run, don’t walk, to Alton Brown’s Hot Cocoa recipe. Make a double batch. Trust me on this. Store it in an airtight container and scoop out 3 T. per steaming hot cup of water (or […]


Crazy good apple crop at the nearby orchard (Sky Top) this year. I know wooly worms are supposed to be harbingers of a cold winter, but how exactly does one assess the relative wooliness of said worm? Next year, I need to bring a chart. You are never too old to feed a goat, apparently. […]

and now it’s a food blog…

Those peppers I showed you ended up in the freezer. I washed all the bells, cored them and cut them in strips. I spread them on cookie sheets and tray froze (?) them, before bagging them for the deep freeze. They went from field to freezer in just a few hours. I am looking for […]

know thy farmer

I love that we live in an area where we can still buy direct from the farm. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but it is worth it. I recently trekked out to Barefoot Organic Farm and came home with 42 pounds of tomatoes (mostly Romas), four pounds of okra, eight pounds of […]

homemade granola

Yum. Seriously. This is what I have been munching on for breakfast recently. I adapted this recipe from The Kitchen Sink Recipes where you will find many more delicious treats. 3 1/2 cups of oats 1/4 cup of sweetener (I have used brown sugar, organic cane sugar, molasses, maple syrup and/or honey) 1/4 cup of […]