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new fantasyland and wordy mcwordword

This should be two posts, but I went to Florida where it’s summer and then returned home where it’s fall and now I can’t stop sneezing. Achoo! Business first, then fun – like an Internet mullet. In Palmetto Parent’s October issue, I have lots of words, including some I am especially proud of about some […]


Tomorrowland Transit Authority at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Then (Feb. 2003): Now (Oct. 2012):

robots with a strings section

Some of the work I do is very detailed and requires a level of focus that can only come with strong coffee and a sweeping orchestral score drowning out the rest of the world. If that score evokes thoughts of robots and space battles, all the better. Even if you don’t like sci fi (Really? […]

sandy kids

Mine: Not mine:


My heart almost bursts when my senses take in all that the coast has to offer. We spent a few sandy, lethargic days at the beach this summer, starting with Charleston and working our way north to Litchfield Beach and Pawleys Island. I am not a slow-paced, unitasking person at home, but something about the […]

some, some, summer

It has been hot (still better than cold) and it’s gone much too fast – just a week left. (It was touch and go for a while, since our spring weather was weird, but our local organic strawberry patch ended up with a late bumper crop. Several gallons ended up in my freezer and more […]

six months

I promised myself that my blog break wouldn’t be longer than six months. I made it just under the wire. Sometimes there’s too much on the plate and this site didn’t need to be educated or fed or have stories turned in on time, so it was an easy choice. We’ve been busy bees around […]


Aaaaand we’re back… I certainly didn’t plan to be away that long, but in return for your patience, I have some fun giveaways coming up. It has been crazy busy around here. I will do a few catch up posts in the near future, but for now… The girl went to college. I have a […]

i can see my house from here

Want to buy it? We are staying right here, but looking for a one-story home. You can cook up some delicious flavor in this kitchen…

this moment

Participating in Amanda’s this moment project: {this moment} – A Friday ritual – capturing a moment from the week.