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new fantasyland and wordy mcwordword

This should be two posts, but I went to Florida where it’s summer and then returned home where it’s fall and now I can’t stop sneezing. Achoo! Business first, then fun – like an Internet mullet. In Palmetto Parent’s October issue, I have lots of words, including some I am especially proud of about some […]

robots with a strings section

Some of the work I do is very detailed and requires a level of focus that can only come with strong coffee and a sweeping orchestral score drowning out the rest of the world. If that score evokes thoughts of robots and space battles, all the better. Even if you don’t like sci fi (Really? […]

prematurity awareness day

(Great information below, but there are some sick little ones in this video. FYI.) I have been privileged to help tell the stories of several families whose babies were born far too soon. The March of Dimes has made dramatic steps in saving these babies. (Surfactant, which helps tiny underdeveloped lungs inflate, is probably the […]


Today I went to a very beautiful place. I may or may not have taken 307 photos.

it’s pretty easy to be green, actually

Under the category of “where did those follow up posts go?” I now present more of the belated Disney info from, um, February. I think even the Disney folks were stunned at the response to the Give a Day, Get a Disney Day volunteer promotion. The goal was to give 1 million volunteers a free […]

about a mouse

Either you get the appeal of Walt Disney World or you don’t. I am convinced there is no middle ground. No other company on the planet does things “the Disney way,” by definition. In fact, the Disney Institute actually teaches companies from around the world how to provide meaningful service that keeps customers coming back. […]

first step to knowing

I hope you will check out the May issue of WNC Parent. My column on learning to be still is running, which sounds ironic, right?

prepare for the beginning, and other miscellany

My fellow geeks, run, don’t walk, to see the new Star Trek movie trailers. This makes “Heroes” tolerable again. Yatta! While you’re surfing, my column on turning the big 4-0 is out in this month’s Upstate Parent (and others, but this link is to Upstate). Also, if you’re on Facebook, Upstate Parent has a fan […]

assisting with today’s endeavors

Uhura, Chief Communications Officer. Please direct any phone calls to her. Thanks. (If only…)

probably not the best month for this story

Or maybe it is. It’s no secret that January is my least favorite month of the year. I am sure I have SAD some years, which sometimes makes me sad, so I combat the short, cold days with seed catalogs, vacation planning and baking. I know. You probably think fresh air and exercise would be […]