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the day job

I am a slacker about posting story links. I will try to do better in 2009. Oh wait — that sounded like a New Year’s resolution and I don’t do those. I guess it will remain hit and miss. Mommy wars redux is in the December WNC Parent (and I am aware that it is […]

thoughts from the crazy house

(That house isn’t crazy — Nolan made it in kindergarten and I preserved it with about 10 coats of spray acrylic. On second thought, maybe that is crazy.) We were smacked down by some intestinal flu from Mars (it could not be of this planet) and are finally starting to recover. Flush with fever, sick […]

how to recognize a hero

(If you arrived for the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway, scroll down to yesterday’s post. And welcome!) (Charles Rhodes with Tara, at an orphanage in Afghanistan, 2007) If you read the story last week about Operation Security Blanket and Tara, the young girl whose death inspired it all, I wanted to share this picture with you. […]

a soldier’s heart

I would be honored if you would click over and read my story about Tara (her name needs to be said out loud and often), an Afghan orphan who died last winter. She has brought out the best in people after experiencing some of the worst. The soldier whose heart she touched is keeping her […]

one more story link

Sorry. This was supposed to be a writing site, you know. I already have my day…er… my son’s day booked to see the new Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the South Carolina State Museum. It is going to be a geeky good time for all.

escaped predatory animals and the mommy wars

If you are asking, "What’s the difference?" — the animals are more fun to be around. Just kidding… 🙂 Read a bit about said animals moving it in the forthcoming Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and how the mommy wars continue. And vote tomorrow, if you are in the U.S. Don’t forget. Go. Do it.

looky lou…

I write words (and people pay me for that) — you know, when I’m not doing the other stuff I’ve done this week, like teaching homeschoolers about the presidential election process, getting ready for the 150 or so trick-or-treaters I am expecting tomorrow night, or hacking my lungs out like a chain smoker (Thanks, Florida!). […]

save the date

The second annual Dine Out for Mom, benefiting Let There Be Mom, is Oct. 23. If you are in the Upstate of South Carolina, please check the list of participating restaurants. And read more about this great organization in this month’s Upstate Parent magazine. Upstate Parent is one of the event’s sponsors and I am […]

can it

And I mean that in the nicest way possible. (WNC Parent, p. 47.)

the greatest generation*

(* and the current one is proving to be pretty darn good, too.) We had a wonderful encounter with a World War II veteran a few months ago. You can read a bit about it here, on page 38. On a different note, I just had to Google the symptoms of heat exhaustion. I spent […]