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on civil discourse

I’ve mostly kept my pie hole closed this election season. That’s not because I am without opinions – I have lots of those. A few of them might even surprise you. Months ago, as I began reading the sometimes daily (I gave up reading those) rants of friends on both sides of the aisle, one […]

the bravest moms

My friend Cindy Hosea (see her terrific photos at journeyed to Iraq in late 2010 with several Gold Star Moms. The group met with Iraqi moms who had also lost their children in their country’s fight for freedom from tyranny. Cindy’s photos are featured in the video below. The moms (on both sides) are […]

prematurity awareness day

(Great information below, but there are some sick little ones in this video. FYI.) I have been privileged to help tell the stories of several families whose babies were born far too soon. The March of Dimes has made dramatic steps in saving these babies. (Surfactant, which helps tiny underdeveloped lungs inflate, is probably the […]

phone dump

I really need to take the pictures off my Blackberry more often… Snapped at the post office, because it looks so much like the Bud dog, right down to the tippy head. This photo was taken at Sears. This is the model we ended up buying. Dear High Efficiency Washer, where have you been all […]

about a mouse

Either you get the appeal of Walt Disney World or you don’t. I am convinced there is no middle ground. No other company on the planet does things “the Disney way,” by definition. In fact, the Disney Institute actually teaches companies from around the world how to provide meaningful service that keeps customers coming back. […]

525,600 minutes, give or take

I have a tendency to take pictures (really bad pictures) with my cell phone and then totally forget about them. How bad am I at this? Well, I downloaded today and it looks like it has been about a year since I last did so. So here you go – a year in (really bad) […]

prepare for the beginning, and other miscellany

My fellow geeks, run, don’t walk, to see the new Star Trek movie trailers. This makes “Heroes” tolerable again. Yatta! While you’re surfing, my column on turning the big 4-0 is out in this month’s Upstate Parent (and others, but this link is to Upstate). Also, if you’re on Facebook, Upstate Parent has a fan […]

my focus is probably misplaced

But I like that headline on the catalog.

ode to craig and his list

I’m baaack. My blog is probably on a milk carton somewhere. This is what happens when homeschooling and working collide. Many thanks for the blog design and retro dress advice. I plan to make/do both. Anyway… I don’t think I have ever expressed my deep and abiding love for Craigslist. I know there are some […]

and it’s winter again, just like that

The trees are confused. Green was just starting to pop out all over.   But those shadows don’t lie… Neither does my red nose. (Yes, I soft focused my eye wrinkles. It’s my blog and I can do what I want to, do what I want to.)