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did you?

If you haven’t ventured out yet, take a jacket and a snack. Lines are long. Or you can take a leopard print fleece wrap (wide and long rectangle of fleece sewn right sides together — leave an opening– turn and add a little free-motion quilting). I felt like Lovey Howell as I waited in line. […]

autumn gathering

A few photos in celebration of the Autumn Gathering Home Party… ~a banner strung from vintage stained glass…   ~ and the timeless appeal of thrifted books.

it is possible that i smell bad

Ever smell something so putrid that the stench lingers in your nose — and you can’t tell if you have acquired the aroma? In science today, we extracted DNA from an onion. It’s actually easy to do at home, but it involves onions (but you knew that), alcohol and Murphy’s oil soap. Those are all […]

the down side to having a camera phone

… those photos get caught in the nether regions of the space-time continuum. I finally downloaded these after many weeks. How long has it been? Well, I took this photo because the gas price was so high, I was sure the person who changed the numbers was on crack. Truly, there was no other logical […]

the post wherein i regain my lost noodle

Ooh, I have a blog. Who knew? Things have been a bit busy — work deadlines, school and a few other planned and unexpected things thrown in for good measure. We also have a wonderful October planned and, yikes, it’s almost here. On to the miscellany: What kind of burrowing beetle do we have here? […]

the greatest generation*

(* and the current one is proving to be pretty darn good, too.) We had a wonderful encounter with a World War II veteran a few months ago. You can read a bit about it here, on page 38. On a different note, I just had to Google the symptoms of heat exhaustion. I spent […]

moulage casting, yeah

Ack. I am not sure how it got to be Tuesday, but here we are. Time for a catch up post. Sorry for the length. :: My husband and I saw the much anticipated (by us) X-Files movie Friday night. If you loved the show, you will love the movie. (If you get the title […]

how we do church

At least watch the music. 🙂

i heart youtube

Billy Joel played Shea Stadium last night (with guests Tony Bennett, Don Henley, John…Mellencamp and others). As I read the news story, I thought how much I would love to see that. And then I remembered that everything is on Youtube. If you’re of a certain age (like moi) you will enjoy the video […]

the peaches, they frighten me

If you have ever bought a fresh Christmas tree, you will understand how a bushel — 50 pounds — was difficult to quantify until I saw the boxes on my kitchen counter. Now, I am a little frightened.