Aaaaand we’re back…

I certainly didn’t plan to be away that long, but in return for your patience, I have some fun giveaways coming up.

It has been crazy busy around here. I will do a few catch up posts in the near future, but for now…

The girl went to college. I have a college student. Yes, I was just in college, thanks. (Yes, she is a Gamecock and we are indeed number nine in the BCS. Just sayin’.)


In a sad turn of events, we also said goodbye to our sweet Bud dog. For those who hit this site looking for information on canine vestibular disease, Bud relapsed (or more accurately, had a recurrence) of vestibular disease almost two years after his first attack. We firmly believe this round was due to a tumor (cranial of some sort, but we didn’t x-ray or do an MRI) and I really don’t think it was directly connected to the first incident. I put that out there because I still want to encourage those facing this with their pets to give them every reasonable chance to recover. Bud had two good years following the first incident, but at 15 1/2, it was too much to ask him to do again. He is greatly, greatly missed.

I was going to post a photo, but found this sweet video instead. In his later years, Bud was almost deaf and we had to touch him to wake him up. He was dreaming here, of chipmunks, no doubt.

Good boy.

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  1. Susan in SC writes:

    Congratulations to your daughter in following her dreams. So sorry to read about Bud. It is so sad when you lose one of your furry members of the family.

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