yo, ho, yo, ho, a writer’s life for me

I am really ready for a trip to Walt Disney World. I will point that out ad nauseum, sorry. My husband and I watched “Benny and Joon” again recently. If you haven’t seen it, go watch right now. I’ll wait. Seeing a young Johnny Depp reminded me that I need to hop in a boat, feel the cool (air-conditioned) air in my face and the hear the eerie call of “Dead men tell no tales. Dead men tell no tales.”

But I can’t go right now. There are words to write, a boy to teach and a house to sell. (Yes, our house is still on the market. Want to buy it?)

One of the “rules” of blogging is that you shouldn’t post big blocks of text with no photos, so here’s a gratuitous photo before the endless text. Enjoy.


What? That isn’t self-explanatory? OK, I was going to post photos of our freezer pickles, but we ate them all before they ever made it to the freezer. Oh my. Do give this recipe a try.

Here are a few words for your reading pleasure. Your links, comments and general support of these sites and publications are much appreciated. Really.

  • Lots of stuff in Upstate Parent magazine, as usual. The web site is all shiny and new, however, with a link to the full, flip-through magazine.
  • For those in the Midlands of South Carolina, please peruse Palmetto Parent. (We are studying literary devices in our homeschool. We are masters of alliteration.)
  • I also have a story now and again in Charleston’s Lowcountry Parent. You can head over there this month to read about teaching your children manners, a subject near and dear to my heart.
  • And since I grew up in Florence, South Carolina, I have been most honored to reconnect with the old home folks, doing a few stories here and there for the Greater Pee Dee Business Journal. I am so proud to see Florence’s revitalization efforts really taking hold. Florence, and cities around the world, are looking to our very own Greenville, South Carolina as a example of how to do downtown right. If you build it, they will come and they will spend money and your downtown will grow.
  • Which reminds me… I am also helping with Destination Downtown. If you are visiting our fair city, please click through to find out what’s happening. It’s all good stuff.
  • And one final read, which I hesitate to post because it might be for subscribers only – my apologies if that’s the case. (Someone let me know, maybe?) I was able to write a few really enjoyable (for me) stories for the 100th anniversary of the Tribune-Times. The paper was owned by Robert Quillen, a really talented whip of a writer, who could spin tales on par with Mark Twain. I had the pleasure of visiting with Quillen’s granddaughter and sifting through some of his typewritten columns written in the 1940s. It warmed this history major’s heart, for sure. Quillen was really quite a character, with a good heart and a feisty wit. I would have enjoyed chatting with him over a cup of coffee.

TOMORROW: Free stuff!

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