trying a produce co-op

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We’ve been trying a produce co-op for the past few months. I have friends out west who have been using one with great success, but this is a fairly new thing in our area of the country. These photos are from a September basket. As you can see, the food is plentiful. 


It has been an interesting experiment, having someone else dictate what’s on the menu for the week. I do like that aspect of it and it has certainly challenged me to try new things with meal planning. We are taking a break currently because this particular co-op isn’t able to offer an organic option right now and we are trying to focus on eating organic and local produce as much as possible.  (We tried an organic co-op last week. More to come on that…) If you usually buy conventional produce at the grocery store, this is a terrific option. Essentially, the food comes from the same folks who supply our local stores, but at a significantly reduced costs. (I believe most produce co-ops work that way.) I can’t say that I never buy conventional produce, but I try to limit it and certainly not buy the “dirty dozen,” so I needed to make a switch until some other options are available.

Have you tried a co-op? If so, did it change your meal planning?

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