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trish writes:
No. 6 — November 10th, 2011 at 8:41 am

I would love to win this. we do a lot with dice to help with adding and numbers.


After using a conventional co-op for a bit, we tried a local organic produce co-op.


The food was over-the-top wonderful, including fresh baby salad greens, grapes and more.

Note to self: DIY allergy testing with eggplant (or anything) is a bad idea. I believe I have confirmed this newly acquired allergy and lived to tell the tale. It’s sad when a vegetarian can’t have eggplant, especially the yummy Asian ones used in curry.

In any event, the food was great. The price is a consideration, though I will use this, especially in winter. The pickings are pretty slim then elsewhere for local stuff, unless you want to eat kale every day. This particular co-op includes produce from a hydroponic farm, so they have local, organic tomatoes and such, even in winter. (There were some items in our basket that I could not have gotten at Whole Foods or Earth Fare at any price.)


Hidden amongst the other goodies there are parsnips and leeks. I had never cooked or eaten parsnips before this and they were quite good. I used this recipe and it was a simple, wonderful dish. Even the boy liked it. I used the remaining leeks in a basic quiche, which was also a hit.

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  1. Susan in SC writes:

    Thank you Chris!

  2. Christine writes:

    Chris, We put in Eggplant in your ‘Allergy’ list. You won’t be getting those anymore!! That parsnips and leeks recipe sounds fabulous. They are two of my favorite vegetables. We may have to include them again soon! Thank you for posting! ~christine @

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