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We watched “Fresh” today. It’s a terrific indy documentary about food – real food. It is reminiscent of Food, Inc., but it really focuses positively on the organic farmer. Vote with your wallets, people. I know this film convinced me that a few “cheat” items are going to be banished from my house. We do pretty well around here, I think, but there is much, much room for improvement.

The movie’s trailer is below, but I warn you: it is not for little eyes. There are some scenes of animal factory farming that I simply could not watch. My son watched, however, and told me when it was safe to look. (I am not kidding.) I know where bacon comes from and as a confirmed vegetarian, I don’t need to see that part again.

On that note, this film in no way condemns meat eaters. In fact, juicy burgers from a grass-fed, humanely raised, pastured cow are featured and indeed, celebrated. What the film does condemn is the unnatural factory farming that results in sick, diseased animals who live and die in horrible conditions before ending up on someone’s plate. (The monoculture farming that is resulting in more and more herbicide and pesticide use on plant crops is prominently included, too. This covers it all.)

All in all, Fresh is a celebration of good stewardship – an appreciation for the gifts and bounty we have been given – and a call to return to real food.

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