homemade sushi

And it’s pretty good.


I have long thought sushi-making to be some mystical process that I couldn’t possibly recreate in my kitchen. What I made won’t win any awards for neatness and presentation but it’s, as AB says, good eats.

Start by making short-grain sushi rice (I bought mine at Publix) according to package directions, preferably in a rice cooker, if you have one. (In my rice cooker: two cups of sushi rice and 2 1/2 cups of water.) While the rice is doing its thing, toast some nori sheets.

Ah, yes. What? That’s OK, I didn’t know how to do it either. Observe:

I have a glass cooktop, so I did these on the $12 hot plate I use when I need to fire up my canning pot indoors. Classy. It goes very, very quickly. The color change is the indication that all is right in your nori world.

Once the rice is done, add a little rice wine vinegar and sugar to taste OR break with all tradition, as I did, and add mirin. I stirred about 3 T. of mirin into the rice, allowed it to cool down a bit and added another 2 –3 T. The rice should cool enough to be handled easily .

Now, the next part takes a little practice, hence the stray rice grains on my sushi. I actually already had a bamboo mat ($3 on Amazon) and it is a great help. I placed plastic wrap over my bamboo mat, topped that with a sheet of toasted nori, and then spread a thin layer of seasoned rice on top. Leave about an inch at the top of the nori uncovered by rice.

Then, add your middle ingredients. I don’t eat anything that had a face, so we did simple cucumber strips in ours.

Wet your finger and run it along the uncovered nori edge.

Roll the nori (beginning with the side closest to you), using the mat to squeeze and roll the nori/rice/middle stack as you go. (Search Youtube if you need a visual.)

Open the mat and be amazed that you made sushi.

Traditionally, I know the rice should be on the outside. That involves flipping the rice-coated nori and I haven’t been courageous enough to try that yet. Soon…

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