for baby


Our family welcomed a beautiful baby girl last week – the daughter of my nephew. New babies mean quilts around these parts, so before baby A arrived, I ordered some decidedly girl-friendly fabric from the Sunny Happy Skies line by Riley Blake Designs. The large prints were screaming to remain large squares, so I listened. My seams don’t match perfectly, but I hope it will be nice and toasty for baby A and maybe give her some fun designs to puzzle over.

I used cotton batting and vintage pink fabric for the backing. I know some people achieve a Zen-like state while binding quilts, but I truly hate that part. Oh my. I hate it, so this quilt is simply turned and top-stitched. It does the job and I still have my sanity. I did not pre-wash the quilt fabric so that it could shrink a little and pucker, along with the binding backing.

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  1. Susan in SC writes:

    This is a very sweet quilt! I kknow it will ba tresured for years to come!!

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