veggie bounty

I promise, this is not a food blog.

Having said that, here’s another post about vegetables.

This week’s delivery from Mother Earth Produce featured daikon radishes the size of Volkswagens and they are as tasty as they are large. Here’s a bit of the yumminess:


(These photos are from my phone, so please forgive the quality.)

With the daikon roots, the napa cabbage, onions, red kuri squash, broccoli and ginger (ginger was from last week’s bin), we made veggie curry.


I served it with pickled daikon and carrots. Good eats.


Our sugar pie pumpkin made a very delicious and oh-so-healthy-except-for-the-crust pie.


Tonight, we are embracing the winter need for carbs (maybe that’s just me) and having veggie tetrazzini.

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